The 2021 SESHL Tournament Round 1 officially starts Friday Feb. 26-28. The tournament is hosted by the Knoxville Sled Bears. The team is very excited to get back on the ice and put in the work to bring home the Championship this year.

The team is looking to dethrone the current C Division Champs, the Charleston Warriors who won the first title in their very first season. Carolina is looking to improve on what was an amazing season last year that left them 1st in the overall standings with a record of 8-2-2. This season will be modified due to Covid and there will only be two tournament weekends instead of the normal three. However everyone is excited to hit the ice.

You can follow all the action by checking updates on our FB page through-out the weekend and watch the games when we go live.

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Sleds are usually made of light-gauge aluminum, consisting of a customized bucket to sit in. A backrest can be used depending on the ability of the athlete. A frame supports the bucket, legs, and feet, and is mounted on two skate blades attached under the bucket. Straps keep the player secure in the sled.

Instead of one hockey stick, players use two for propulsion, passing, and shooting. The sticks may be up to 100 cm long (roughly 3 feet) but are usually between 75-95 cm and can be wood, aluminum, or composite materials. The sticks have metal picks on one end for players to propel themselves. Those with limited grip can have sticks secured to their hands allowing them to participate.

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Alliance of Disability Advocates

Alliance of Disability Advocates strives to enable people with any disabilities to fully participate in their communities without boundaries in the Raleigh-Durham and surrounding area.

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Community Inclusion through the Power of Sport


“Sport provides a platform for acquiring life skills,

Hilary Beeton

Research shows that daily physical activity enhances not only an individual’s self-esteem and peer relationships but also results in increased achievement and better health, enabling a higher quality of life.   

Sport can provide immediate and long-term relief to people with disabilities who are often plagued with health issues, poor social skills and lack of self-esteem.

On the emotional and psychological levels, sport helps in developing stronger self-esteem and a personal sense of worth and alleviates depression and anxiety.

Essentially, sport can enhance the lives of the disabled and help them lead a more fulfilling and productive life.

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