*Before participating in any Carolina Sled Hockey activity every participant must agree to the below Code of Conduct.*

As a Carolina Sled Hockey Player/Coach/Volunteer, I will:

  • Abide by the rules of hockey, the policies of USA Hockey/SESHL and principles of good sportsmanship.
  • Respect my teammates, coaches, team officials, referees, opponents, opposing coaches, opposing team officials and other participants in Carolina Sled Hockey games, practices, and other related activities.
  • Not make any derogatory comments as to another individual’s race, ethnic origin, color, religion, gender and/or sexual orientation. (Zero Tolerance, automatically removed from the game/practice/activity)
  • Not intentionally set out to harm someone physically or emotionally.
  • Work hard to improve my skills both as an individual and as a team player.
  • Act in a safe and responsible manner at games, practices and all Carolina Sled Hockey activities.
  • Support my teammates including those who are less skillful both on and off the ice.
  • Participate in after-game handshake line displaying good sportsmanship.
  • Attend all practices and games and in the event that I have a legitimate reason for not being able to attend a practice or game, I will provide my coach with as much notice as possible of my anticipated absence.
  • Be on time and prepared to commence a game or practice keeping with the schedule established by the coach.
  • Play whatever position I am assigned by my coach to the best of my ability.
  • Not lose my temper at games, practices or Carolina Sled Hockey activities.
  • Not behave in a manner or engage in any activity that would cause embarrassment or disrespect to my team or USA Hockey/SESHL/Carolina Sled Hockey/ADA/Donor/Sponsor

*Carolina Sled Hockey operates with an open-door policy when it comes to its participants. If an individual engages in misconduct the individual is subject to suspension and or removal from future Carolina Sled Hockey activities.*